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Conveyancing Services

 Here at DRA Legal we offer a range of services, one of the services we can offer our customers is our conveyancing service.

Conveyancing is defined as the legal transfer of property from one owner to another, it is used to describe all of the of the legal transactions that are involved in the sale, purchase, mortgage and re-mortgage of homes. The key stages of conveyancing are the exchange of contracts, this is where the transaction becomes legally binding. The solicitor will then ensure that the monies will be sent over to the sellers' solicitors ready for completion on the property. After a death when a property has to be sold, the executor of the will acts as the seller who might then instruct a solicitor to deal with the sale on behalf of the estate.

Do you own unregistered land? This is where land has not been dealt with due to not being sold or remortgaged previously. Since the Land Registrar became compulsory in both England and Wales it means that wherever the property dealing takes place, the dealing will then result in a compulsory First Registration of the property, it is important that you have an experienced solicitor as this is required in the First Registration of a Property.

At DRA Legal we will happily provide you with a fixed fee quotation for your transaction, we will include all of the costs that are associated with your property! With no surprise fees our estimate costs will always be put in writing when you instruct us. We will never alter the estimate unless there is a complication or issue which we will always talk through with you beforehand.

If you would like any more information on our conveyancing services then contact us by phone at 01924 601043, by email at info@dralc.co.uk or you can come to our offices (wearing a mask of course) Our address is 138 Huddersfield Rd, Mirfield, West Yorkshire, WF14 8AN

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