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Sales, Purchases, Re-mortgages, and Transfers of Houses

Conveyancing is the term used to describe all of the legal transactions involved in the sale, purchase, mortgage, or re-mortgage of homes, land and property. Alternatively there may be a need to transfer a property to a trust for estate planning purposes, or to a family member.

Following a death, where a property is to be sold, the Executors of the Will will act as the seller, hence they may instruct a Conveyancer to deal with the sale on behalf of the Estate.

In other cases a Will may makes a gift of a property to specific person, and the Executor will require a Conveyancer to Assent (transfer) the property into the name of the Beneficiary.

Unregistered Land

You may own unregistered land; this is land that has not been dealt in (sold or remortgaged) since Land Registration became complulsory in England & Wales, which was between 1990 & 1998. This means that whatever dealing in the property takes place, that dealing will ‘trigger’ a compulsory First Registration of the Property. An experienced conveyancer will usually be required in the First Registration of a Property.

According to HM Land Registry – landregistry.gov.uk

“Registration establishes proof of ownership and produces an easy-to-read document reflecting the contents of all the paper title deeds. This simplifies conveyancing, making transactions easier and potentially less costly for all involved. All title information is kept on Land Registry’s database, reducing the need to store old and often unclear deeds. The register can be viewed quickly and securely online. There is no better way to safeguard ownership of land and property than by registering your title with us. State-backed registration gives you greater security of title, providing you with better protection against claims of adverse possession”

We will be pleased to provide a fixed fee quotation for your conveyancing transaction. We will genuinely include all of the costs assosciated with your purchase or sale; there will be no late surprises! Our estimate of costs will always be put in writing at the time you instruct us and – even if your matter for some unforseen reason became unusually complicated – we will not alter the estimate without having discussed the issues with you.

If you require further information on Conveyancing or any Home or Property Transactions, please contact DRA Legal, DRA Conveyancing Ltd, for a no-obligation consultation in our offices, or in your own home. Fill out the message form on the contact page to provide a brief outline of your enquiry and we will contact you at the very latest within 24 hours.

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