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Care Costs and Fees

At Derek Adkins Legal we offer you a full range of legal services at affordable prices, all our staff will work closely with you to ensure that the services we provide you are tailored to meet your own unique needs and objectives.

One of the legal services we offer is our Care Costs and Fees services, At Derek Adkins Legal we know that it is expensive to pay for residential care. We found out from research by Saga that the future average cost of a four-year stay in a care home could be doubled from £112,312 to £223,476 in the next two decades. In the Blog we have included information and facts on what you need to know about Care Costs and Fees

What do I need to know about Care Fees?
Did you know that more than a third of Britons aged over 55 said that they would be forced to sell their homes if they required long term care in retirement found by Age UK 2011. From a Care of Elderly People UK Market survey from 2010-2011 they found out that the annual cost of a room in a nursing home estimated to be £36,000.

At Derek Adkins Legal we want you to know that it is important to be aware that the NHS are responsible for meeting the full cost of care in a care home for a resident whose ‘primary need’ for being in care is health based (dementia etc.), care fees are payable after an assessment that is based on the persons assets- this is usually referred to as the Means Test which can alternatively be known as a Financial Assessment.

Is it possible to avoid paying Care Fees?

It is not possible to avoid paying Care Fees if you have been assessed as being required to pay, if you have recently disposed of assets (due to a possible result of a downturn in health) by making gifts of property or/and cash then the Means Test may lead to a conclusion that the gifts amount to a deliberate deprivation of assets. If this is the result, then you will be assessed as if you do own the assets.

If you would like any more information on Care Costs and Fees, then please check our website here for even more information: https://www.dralc.co.uk/Care-Costs-Care-Fees-s9/ . If you have any queries, then please contact us by email at info@dralc.co.uk or contact us by phone at 01924 601043, our amazing team will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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